Pain Relief with Essential Oils

Stiff joints? Tired, sore muscles in your neck and upper back? Whether you suffer from chronic tension-induced pain, age-related arthritis, bone deterioration, inflammation, or an injury such as muscle sprain or broken bone, nobody likes to be in pain. Essential oils may prove an effective, natural option for pain relief.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are natural liquids pressed from plants, rich in all the chemistry that pharmacists mine for drugs. In essential oils, however, these chemicals exist in natural combinations that cannot be regulated, but that often seem more effective (not to mention safer) than the pills doctors offer.


Essential oils are increasingly considered an effective natural medicine. They can provide pain relief, ease stress and tension, and dramatically speed the healing process.

How Essential Oils Promote Pain Relief

Essential oils are potent tools because they contain thousands of different molecules that act on the body to aid healing. They also contain what some energy healers consider "the life force of the plant" - a resonating frequency that is unique for each essential oil. These vibrational frequencies contribute to the impact the oils have on the human energy field and, in the process, on the human body.

Physical Pain - Applying essential oils directly on the area that hurts (sometimes in large quantities like those used in raindrop technique) nourishes cells and enables the body to metabolize waste and heal injuries more quickly.

Essential oils such as marjoram, basil and black pepper ease soreness and promote muscle healingBirch and wintergreen are warming and help restore muscle and bone integrity after injury or strain; these essential oils are helpful for exercise-related soreness/injuries, broken bones, arthritisPeppermint is cool and soothing, relieving tension and painEmotional Distress - It can be frustrating and draining to have to live with pain or deal with the impact of an injury or disease in one's life. Emotional distress often worsens pain by creating more tension and a downward spiral of fear and anxiety. Essential oils have the ability to help break out of those patterns.Lavender and lemon have been shown to ease stress and improve mood and awarenessFrankincense is often recommended for depression as well as physical healingGeranium helps balance mood and relieve stressful thinkingThese essential oils can be applied topically (lavender, frankincense) or inhaled from cupped hands. Frankincense and lemon may be taken internally, but only if you are certain the oils are therapeutic quality or have been recommended by a practitioner or aromatherapist. Applying calming essential oils to your feet or pillow before going to bed encourages deeper, more restful sleep and can decrease soreness upon waking.

The information on this page is not intended to diagnose or prescribe, and is for information purposes only. Please consult a physician or naturopath before using any essential oil internally.

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