Get Relief from Excruciating Back Pain


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Study shows over 60% of the world population suffers from pain in the back region, at least once in their life time. However, for most people suffering with backache is a persistent and chronic problem. Some of the reasons for back pain are perennial bad postures, slip disc, injury, regularly sleeping on an uncomfortable bed or even using an improper chair. Pain in the spinal column region can be a major cause of inconvenience, to the extent of sometimes restricting free and natural movement.

Backaches can be either chronic or acute. Chronic backaches can last up to three months at a stretch. Acute pain is sporadic in nature and can occur any time. Chronic and acute backaches can cause excruciating pain or cause a continuous mild nagging pain. Nonetheless, both these aches disrupt our normal way of life.

Lower back pain can be very severe. The agonizing pain can almost cripple movement. In a human being, the back is built to be very strong and supple. It is meant to take a lot of stress, yet it sometimes suffers injury. Muscles in the region get strained or there could be a case of slip disc. In both these cases, there is backache in the lower region.

Avoiding Lower Backache-

Like the rest of the body the back needs to be exercised regularly. A good way of avoiding back related problem is to flex the back muscles by stretching and doing exercise to strengthen the back; this improves flexibility. Maintaining a correct posture goes a long way in keeping lower back pain, at bay. Lifting heavy items must be avoided as this can cause a lot of stress on the back. One of the main reasons for developing backache is lifting heavy items without using the proper technique.

Finding a Remedy for Severe Backache

There are remedies which can give back pain relief. The first thing to do is improve posture. A bad posture will give anyone backache. Standing and sitting erect keeps the spine straight and the lower back well supported. This should help in preventing backache to some extent.

There are certain other measures which can be taken to reduce the occurrence and intensity of pain. If backache has set in, the best solution is giving the back some rest. Sleeping on a firm bed supports the back and provides relief from the pain. Cold compression of the affected part helps to numb the pain.

Further Management for Severe Back Problems

A massage by an expert can relieve backache, but a doctor needs to be consulted at the earliest, thereafter. In some cases, a massage is not recommended and it will only aggravate the situation. If rest and ice compression do not help then a topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory spray especially devised for backache can be applied, provided there is no open wound.

Braces are ideal for unbearable pain in the lower back. Braces are especially designed to support the back and restrict movement. They are very comfortable to use and do not cause inconvenience. They are compact and when worn can easily be concealed under the clothes. In fact, these braces are being recommended by most doctors for low backache. With proper care, backache can be avoided.

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