How to Face Paint a Reindeer Face Video

How to Face Paint a Reindeer Face


The kids will really enjoy getting into character with this reindeer face painting by Kathleen Wright.


How to Face Paint a Reindeer Face

On behalf or, I'm Kathleen Wright. I'm a face painter with In this clip I'm going to show you how to do a Holiday Reindeer. As you can see I'm finishing up brushing on a little bit of white. You don't have to do the whole the faces. It's just going to be a really quick reindeer.

I put the white. Now I'm going to do some of the brown. I'm going to do his antlers just up right here, just really quick antlers. And I'm going to just making them a little and a little bit and here we go. Don't worry about it getting too and a little bit on his face down here and try to get it like here, and close your eyes Paul very good and a little bit on there. You could a little bit eyes if you want like this. It's not always necessary but it kind of looks cool and they open our eyes up.

Open up Paul so you really look good. Close again. Then open up and then we're going to just put a little bit of red, right around the nose and you can make a little squeak as long as you like or you can put a little time into it. Quick reindeer, I'm going to shine look and there you are, the quick reindeer.

On behalf of, I'm Kathleen Wright. Thanks for watching today.

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How to Face Paint a Reindeer Face

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