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Climate scientists criticize government paper that erases 'pause' in warming

Until last week, government data on climate change indicated that the Earth has warmed over the last century, but that the warming slowed dramatically and even stopped at...


Creativity may be genetically linked with psychiatric disorders

There may be an overlap between the genetic components of creativity and those of some psychiatric disorders, according to a new study


Archaeologists uncover grave of 'Sleeping Beauty'

During a six-week excavation in northern Ethiopia, English archaeologists uncovered 11 graves that contained "extraordinary" items.


New York zoo welcomes tiny deer fawn

A tiny pudu fawn, the world's smallest species of deer, has been born at a New York City zoo.


Eagle-eyed fans glued to live webcam to watch osprey eggs hatch

A pair of osprey waiting for three eggs to hatch is now a main attraction after a local man set up a live osprey webcam to welcome the new arrivals.


LightSail spacecraft wakes up again, deploys solar sail

It wasn't exactly smooth sailing, but The Planetary Society's cubesat got the job done in the end.


Say cheese: Rare striped rabbit photographed

A rare striped rabbit, seen only a handful of times, has peeked out of its tropical forest home, and a graduate student got the chance of a lifetime, holding and...


NASA launches 'flying saucer' from Hawaii for test flight

Trace Gallagher reports from Los Angeles


NASA launches 'flying saucer' test flight, suffers chute snafu

After a series of weather-related delays, NASA launched the test flight of its revolutionary 'flying saucer' technology Monday. However, only one of the two technologies...


Behind chalkboards, an enchanting century-old discovery

Chalkboard drawings are made to be erased, but a set of them at an Oklahoma City high school managed to outlive all the teachers and students involved.

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