Painting With Dark Colors

Want to make a bold statement? Dark paint colors can really make a bold statement and can actually breath new life into a room. Too many people are afraid of color and its time to overcome those fears and embrace the dramatic and elegant affect a dark paint can make.

If you're toying with the idea of a dark paint color but haven't had the guts to commit remember that it's only paint. Some interior decorating projects that are much more permanent and expensive get a lot less thought while homeowners tend to hem and haw over paint selections. If you hate the color you've selected once you're all done it will really only take another afternoon of work and probably about $100 to redo the entire thing. In fact, paint is inexpensive enough and easy enough to work with that you could go for a new look every year!

Now that you're sold, (dark paint it is!) it's time to review your space. A small bathroom will not accept four dark walls and a dark ceiling very well. But a dark accent wall behind and above your white tiled shower is strikingly attractive. Dining rooms play particularly well with dark paint. The color creates a calm comforting mood but to prevent it from being too oppressive, keep the ceiling a fresh light color and consider adding a chair rail and wainscoting to the lower half. Whatever room you select, review carefully, trying to imagine how much of the room will look good in a deep and luxurious color. Remember remaining walls or areas may need a fresh coat of paint and even a new color as well.

Selecting the paint itself can be a little bit tricky because you can never quite get a feel for a dark paint color until you have at least one entire wall done. So a lot of imagination is necessary here. Consider purchasing a small amount of paint (maybe a quart) and paint a large swath before making your decision. If possible, paint next to your trim, using painter's tape, as though you're actually working on the finished product. It's extremely difficult to get a feel for how paint will look next to trim if you leave a large white strip in the testing phase. And take the tape off before standing back to get the full impression.

When you've selected a color, purchase all the paint you'll need for the project and be generous. Budget conscious people may balk at this but it will actually save you in the end.

Paint batches can be slightly different in pigment since they're created at the time of your order and not premade, this can be especially evident in dark paint. Imagine how horrible you'd feel if you had to run back to the store for a small area and the paint you get is just slightly off, but enough that it's noticeable to everyone. So buy all your paint at once. If you're doing a particularly large area purchase a 5 gallon bucket and mix it all together before you start just to make sure there are no color variations.

As you're painting, stir often. Paint pigment can settle and this is, again, more noticeable with darker paint colors.

The final key to painting with dark colors is several coats, generally two and often three or four. To get a nice, even finished product it's important to apply more than one coat as dark paints do not typically apply evenly and with enough coverage.

And finally, step back and enjoy!

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