Hope Solo Says She Was Conceived by Mother Having Sex in Jail

Hope Solo has had to overcome a lot to become a gold medal-winning Olympic athlete - according to the goalie for the U.S. Women's Soccer Team, she was conceived in jail.

This might not seem like the best start for any child, but Hope was definitely given a fitting name by her parents since she went on to do more than they probably hoped for.

According to the soccer star's new autobiography Solo: A Memoir of Hope (via the Daily Mail), her mother got pregnant during a conjugal visit with her father Jeffrey John Solo. He was in jail serving a sentence for embezzlement. Most kids probably would not like their parents sharing information about their place of conception with them, but apparently Hope Solo's mom and dad just couldn't resist telling her about her crazy start.

Throughout Hope's life, her dad has issues staying on the straight and narrow - she says that he stole her Girl Scout Cookie money and even got arrested for kidnapping her and her brother. After this incident, she didn't see him for over a decade, and he was named a "person of interest" in a murder case during this time (his name was cleared years later). Surprisingly, Hope still says that she grew up in a "loving, sheltered" environment.

She also praises her father by saying, "No matter what he did, he was my father. He helped create the person I am. He showered me with love; he just didn't know how to be a husband or a father or a responsible member of society."

Hope does make a good point - in all likelihood, she probably wouldn't be an Olympic athlete today with a different father and a different upbringing. And perhaps dealing with her father's dishonesty made her decide to be a more honest person - she's had no qualms about talking about the seedier side of the Olympics, which includes lots of sex and drinking.

So from a childhood with a criminal father to taking part in one of the most prestigious athlete competitions in the world, Hope has certainly led a very colorful and interesting life. However, hers is just one of many amazing stories that the Olympic athletes have to tell - the world will hear more wonderful tales of triumph over adversity from competitors from around the globe as the games begin.

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