How to Cure Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy CTE Cayce Approach

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a degenerative progressive disease typically found in people who have had multiple concussions or head injuries. Athletes in boxing, wrestling, hockey, football, and other contact sports have been diagnosed with this illness. There have been suicides that have been associated with CTE, such as retired American professional football player Andre Waters whose CTE was diagnosed in his brain tissues after his suicide, and Dave Duerson who committed suicide reportedly as a result of suspected CTE.Conceptualization of the Cure for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

In a general sense, if a part of the human body becomes ill or injured and if there is resultant inflammation at the site of the illness or injury, the presence of inflammation can create problems at the site of the illness or injury. The brain is no exception to this rule. For example, researchers Dr. Daniel Lindqvist and Dr. Lena Brundin of the psychoimmunology department of Lund University in Sweden have stated that when there is inflammation inside of the brain, the inflammation is a very strong contributing factor in the occurrence of depression which leads to suicide.

Granted, it should be noted that head trauma that occurs as a result of football or other causes is not the only thing that can cause inflammation in the brain. For instance, researchers have said that various things such as a serious case of the flu, genetic vulnerability, autoimmune disease like rheumatism, or also allergic reactions could lead to inflammation. Still, in terms of CTE, experts have said that head trauma is the major cause of CTE.

Based on what is known thus far, CTE appears to have the following mechanism. Head trauma occurs. This then leads to inflammation in the brain. Then there is degeneration of brain tissue. This leads to accumulation of tau protein and TDP-43. Then the appearance of CTE occurs. The person becomes depressed and eventually suicidal.

The Cure for CTE Using Cayce Concepts

Obviously, if a person does not participate in contact sports where there is likely to be head trauma, that reduces the likelihood of CTE. However, if a person has already sustained brain injury and if a person already has CTE, then in order to cure CTE it would necessary to start the process of healing by counteracting brain inflammation because researchers have said that brain inflammation is a major reason that depression and then suicide occurs.

In sports, when inflammation occurs, typically a first step is to put ice on the site of the injury. So, that means that an ice bath or an Elasta-Gel cranial cold pack cap or some other headwrap ice pack that is typically used in sports can be put over the whole head and on the back of the neck to reduce swelling. This sort of thing is already done in sports so this part is nothing new. However, icing needs to be done more often and more extensively because it is possible that some athletes, who have developed high pain tolerance, may not be fully aware of the extent of the brain injuries they have after they participate in an entire season of football games or other sports contests.

Also, the fact that football players do not have specialized cooling helmets is another reason that extra icing of the brain, back of the neck, and possibly also the front of the neck needs to be done. For instance, there are ThermaHelm helmets currently available to motorcycle riders that are designed to cool the head on impact, limit neurological damage, and increase chances of recovery in the event of head trauma. However, there are no such helmets for football players and other athletes who experience "repeated" head trauma over the course of an athletic season or over the course of many years of sport participation. Thus, due to the unavailability of cooling helmets for athletes who experience repeated head trauma, icing the brain area and neck extensively is very important for football players and others who choose to take the risk of participating in contact sports. Icing reduces inflammation.

The next step in healing would be to prevent brain degeneration. As discussed in alternative medicine, if the Cayce wet cell is used regular strength or double strength with gold chloride solution or gold sodium solution such as Cayce suggested, it will release electricity into the nervous system and reverse brain degeneration. This treatment was suggested by Cayce many years ago and, according to anecdotal reports, this treatment has been reportedly helpful for patients with neurological disorders. Granted, the reader should keep in mind that the use of electricity for neurological problems is not solely an alternative medicine treatment.

Modern traditional medicine physicians are also exploring the use of electric current in the brain. For example, there is an electrical treatment called "deep brain stimulation" which is currently being used to treat depression and various other illnesses such as epilepsy. Physicians realize that the brain is an organ that is both chemical and electrical. Since the brain itself is electrical, that is why physicians feel that it makes sense to use electric current in the process of treating brain problems. CTE obviously is a brain problem that involves depression. Since even modern traditional physicians are now using electric current to treat depression, it seems plausible that putting electric current into the brain could be an effective way to help cure CTE.

The next step would be to enable healthy brain chemistry. Taking steps suggested by Cayce such as consuming an alkaline diet, consuming sufficient water such as eight cups per day, and having adequate intake of vitamins and minerals would enable healthy brain chemistry. Also, not consuming liquor and not taking performance enhancement drugs would also tend to help create healthy brain chemistry.

Also, in order to enable more healthy brain chemistry, curing leaky gut syndrome (thinning of the colon walls or ulcerated colon) would be necessary so as to make sure that there were no excess toxins floating around the body and brain. For instance, Cayce made a comment that if there is thinning of the colon walls and if toxins flow through the colon walls and into other areas in the body, various kinds of illness can result depending on where the toxins happen to settle in the body. Pertaining to the brain, in reading #943-17 reportedly Cayce said that if toxins settled in the brain then "softening of the brain" will result and that would be unhealthy. Cayce stated that drinking cold slippery elm tea or cold American saffron tea helps to heal thinning of the colon walls.

Another step that could facilitate healing would be to make sure that there are no structural or alignment problems in the central nervous system which could be causing problems with absorption of vitamins and minerals. For instance, chiropractic spinal adjustment treatments could be done in order to make sure that there is no spinal misalignment and to make sure that the neck curve is optimal. Some chiropractors may even prescribe a cervical neck pillow for the patient so that when the patient lies on his or her back, the arch of the neck is supported; this might be done in addition to spinal adjustments. This is important because Cayce said that spinal misalignment can potentially cause excess pressure on the colon which could be preventing the brain from sufficiently absorbing vitamins and minerals from food intake. Inadequate nutrition for the brain could lead to bad consequences in cases of CTE.

If underlying glandular problems are present in the body, then it is possible that the Cayce suggestion of drops of Atomidine in water could be used. Also, stress reduction, being in a healthy environment, use of Cayce castor oil packs over the abdomen and liver, getting colonics, taking vitamin supplements in some cases, prayer, and also acknowledgement of past life karmic factors involved in the illness are all things that Cayce mentioned as being important to do in cases of degenerative illness. CTE is an example of a degenerative illness so Cayce's suggestions would be applicable. Some consider topics like past lives, reincarnation,or karma to be controversial. However, Cayce insisted that these concepts are relevant to the discussion of illness. Keep in mind that there are anecdotal reports of many people recovering from various illnesses using Cayce concepts.

Assuming that circulation in the body and brain is normal, assuming that the colon is not overly clogged or impacted, and assuming that waste is being sufficiently removed from the brain and body, the above-mentioned steps can help to reestablish normal and healthy conditions in the brain. Keep in mind that the CTE mechanism begins when there is head trauma, then brain inflammation, then degeneration of brain tissue, the accumulation of tau protein and TDP-43, the occurence of depression, and then suicide. The above-mentioned Cayce treatment steps would tend to interfere with the CTE mechanism and would tend to create more normal and healthy conditions in the brain. Then, of course, once the brain becomes more chemically and electrically healthy, the patient would be cured and would no longer have CTE.

Note: This discussion is meant for information purposes only. If there are questions or health concerns, always talk to a licensed physician.


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