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Faux Painting Concrete Floors

If you are just moving into a new house or redecorating your house and want to change your flooring, then one of the ways to do so would be to opt for faux painting. There are many different techniques and design patterns that you...

Faux Painting Techniques for Walls

Faux painting techniques help create an interesting looking textured look on the walls. Scroll down to acquaint yourself with some easy DIY faux painting techniques that you can try out.

Faux Finish Painting

Faux finish painting is an amazing way to make your home more colorful, beautiful and attractive. This is not a new concept as this form of art can also be seen in the ancient Egyptian caves. Read on to know more about this...

Faux Stone Painting

A faux finish can transform dull walls into artwork by replicating the texture of wood, marble, or stone. This article deals with the information regarding the art of faux stone painting and its techniques.

How to Faux Paint

Faux painting is the latest trend in painting, and it helps give a different look to your house. This article lists the basic steps and some useful tips for faux painting.

Faux Finish Painting Techniques

Faux painting is one of the most popular trends in interior decoration. Given in this article are a couple of faux finishing techniques that you can learn.

Do It Yourself Tips for Faux Painting

This article will give you some do it yourself tips for faux painting, which will allow your walls to look like silk and feel like velvet, without the real thing.


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